Youth Farm Stand

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Thousands upon thousands of pounds of produce in a single year – yes, you read that right! Our urban farms produce, quite literally, tons of fresh fruits and vegetables each year right here in the city of Newark. Lucky for Newark residents, all of those delicious goods can be purchased through our Youth Farm Stands.

Walking up to the Youth Farm Stand, customers are greeted by smiling high school interns and college mentors in our Newark Youth Leadership Project. These students are taking a hands-on approach to nutrition education and urban agriculture while learning to run the farm stand business. Our students help customers select from a wide variety of seasonal produce like okra, tomatoes, and collards (just to name a few), and customers get a great deal for their dollar. Our customers walk away not only with a bag of fresh, affordable food, but also with the good feeling that comes with doing the right thing.

You see, everyone who buys produce and products from the Youth Farm Stand is supporting the local economy, sustainable urban agriculture, and job training for youth, college students, and adults. With numerous locations throughout the city, our urban farms and farm stands create jobs and make fresh fruits and vegetables available to everyone! Now in our 7th year, it’s clear that Newark residents enjoy having access to fresh, highly nutritious, pesticide-free food grown right in the neighborhood.

Farm Stand locations, dates, and times.

Be sure to check the website often for schedule changes and special events.