Growing Gardeners Workshop Series

This series focuses on helping you learn the basics of gardening and introduces you to the advanced topics you can explore as your skills progress.

Registration is required for all workshops.

Gardening for Small Spaces

Saturday, April 14 • 11am-1pm • $5 

Have you ever thought about growing food in your own backyard? Learn how raised bed gardening could lead to a healthier lifestyle and save you money! This workshop simplifies vegetable and herb growing while also diving into more advanced concepts like succession planting, companion planting, and relay planting to maximize yield in limited spaces.

Growing Soil @ Spring Block Party

Saturday, May 12 • 11am-3pm  FREE 

Healthy soil is the first step towards producing nutrient rich food. Learn about turning your home and office scaps into rich, nutrient dense, compost and maybe even touch some worms!

Seed Starting for Fall Crops

Saturday, August 11 • 11am-12pm • $5

Your buntiful summer garden doesn’t have to end! Start seeds now to harvest kale, broccoli, and carrots through November. An attentive gardener can use succession plating and crop rotation to make the most of their garden and soil. Learn how you can incorporate these methods into your garden this ear )and receive some seeds to get started!)

Kitchen Hydroponics

Saturday, September 22 • 11am-12pm • $5

So soil, no probelm! Grow your slad right on your counter-top in a home hydroponics system. Basic leafy-green growing will be covered in this workshop, with a bonus intro to seed sprouting. Attendees receive a packet of sprouting seeds to try at home.


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