8th Annual Beds & Breakfast: Community Garden Seminar

Saturday, February 23 (snow date: March 2) • 9:00 am – 2:00 pm • $55

Indulge in a specialty breakfast before jumping into a day of gardening seminars to wash away the winter blues. Topics have included gardening, nutrition, and animal husbandry, among many others.

This event fills up quickly, so be sure to register early!

Participants MUST be aged 16+. (No childcare is available)

Keynote Speakers:

Chef Nadine Nelson, the Green Queen of Cuisine, is the sustainable chef and social entrepreneur/activist of Global Local Gourmet, a roving community-supported kitchen specializing in experiential epicurean occasions that cook up delicious adventures in the form of cooking classes, culinary tours, culinary team building events, wellness workshops and pop up events. Chef Nadine is from Toronto, Canada considered the most multicultural city in the world. She is of Jamaican Heritage and likes to combine global flavors with local ingredients, sharing her knowledge of ethnic flavors that are underrepresented in culinary education. She has a teaching certificate from Tufts University, has studied cooking at the Ritz Escoffier in Paris and the New School in New York, and farming at Sterling College and with Soul Fire Farm. As a trained educator, writer, artist and food professional based in the North East, her aim is to use food as social sculpture and a catalyst to engage people in issues from seed to waste while learning about the world’s diverse gastronomies in fellowship and unity with each other.

As the Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Newark, Nathaly Agosto Filión is the city’s leading sustainability strategist, convening interdepartmental teams to make Newark a healthier and greener city. She serves as a bridge connecting a diverse network of community, nonprofit, academic, institutional, philanthropic and governmental partners advancing a variety of sustainability, greening, environmental health, and quality of life initiatives across Newark. Prior to staffing Newark’s Office of Sustainability, Agosto Filión worked as a Resiliency Manager with Sustainable Jersey, connecting post-Sandy communities with recovery and resiliency resources. Agosto Filión earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont. She co-leads the Urban Sustainability Directors Network Peer Learning Group on Sustainability Indicators, is the outgoing chair of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals Projects & Evaluation Affinity Group, and a 2015 Environmental Leadership Fellow. She will be joined by Food Policy Intern, Emma who is a Master of Public Health candidate at Montclair State University (MSU) where she concentrates in Health Systems Administration & Policy.


Available Workshops:

Workshops are organized into tracks which help categorize each workshop. We have three tracks: In the Kitchen, In the Garden, and In the Community. Each track is comprised of three workshops. You can choose to follow a specific track to learn all about one category, OR you may build your own track that comprises of workshops from 2 or more tracks.


Track 1: In the Kitchen

Beyond the Cooking Demo, the Revolution is in the Kitchen: Cooking, Food Justice & Education in Action!

Using the humble black bean to create a five-course meal, Chef Nadine Nelson will share concrete examples experiential pedagogical practices and methodologies that show how interactive culinary education can emancipate the food movement and make it even more delicious, inclusive and equitable.


Shopping & Cooking with Produce in Season

ShopRite of Newark’s Dietitian Biancha Jackson will discuss how to shop for produce in season and various ways to cook with the fruits and vegetables. In addition, you will be able to sample a seasonal produce recipe!


Cuir Kitchen Brigade

Explore the history of food preservation contextualized through resistance and survival and how Cuir Kitchen Brigade organized a food solidarity project to support the restoration of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Learn how you can create these sort of exchanges in your own communities through a hands-on fermentation workshop.


Track 2: In the Garden

Theme Gardening: Plant Selection and Activities

Designed to bring out the best in gardening and the best in the individual gardening, this workshop will show you how to connect and engage in the joy of gardening through garden design, plant selection, plant theme and activities. 


Fun With Fungus

Mushrooms are an easy and powerful way to improve the health of your soil, your plants, and your own body. You will learn the benefits of fungus on your land and body, as well as low-tech methods to plug in easy-to-grow edible and medicinal mushrooms right into your existing garden.


Hydroponics 101

Learn the basics of hydroponic growing and its implications for sustainability, nutritional benefits, and feeding hungry communities. See how these greens are used across the city and taste hydroponic greens grown right here in the South Ward of Newark!


Track 3: In the Community

Food Justice Via Urban Farming

The Green Teens of Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger will delve into urban gardening’s potential for growth in the inner cities. Developing your own urban farm/garden helps not only the food system, but also the less fortunate. Everyone should have access to healthy, naturally grown food despite their financial ability.


Self-Heal At Home

Join the healing journey! Learn natural ways to self-soothe at home with the use of herbal remedies and holistic therapy. Explore how aromatherapy, affirmations and meditation can be used to treat beauty, emotional balance, and household bacteria.


From Farm To Curriculum

Learn the skills and values needed when getting teachers to connect food to curriculum. Any educator can become a food educator when given the right resources and support!