Demonstration Kitchen

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As author Samuel Butler once said, “Don’t learn to do, but learn in doing.” That’s right – if you want to really learn something, get your hands dirty. Or, in the case of our teaching kitchen, get your hands messy with fresh, whole foods as you engage in hands-on cooking lessons! We are proud of our teaching kitchen; it truly aids us in our efforts to work with the community to learn the basics of healthy eating. Plus, not only are adults learning, but we show parents that cooking with youngsters is a safe, fun experience – one that will help children lead healthy, happy lives as they continue to nourish their growing bodies with healthy meals!

What use is information if we don’t have the means to carry out the lessons we have learned? That’s exactly what we thought! So instead of focusing on healthy foods that are pricey, we concentrate on practical tips for creating simple, nourishing meals on a budget. The recipes in our teaching kitchen are based on fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and beans – simple, affordable ingredients.  Much of which is available at our Youth Farm Stand!