Clean & Green

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Clean and Green crew clearing a vacant lot

We believe that in order to support a healthy community, we need to support all of the community’s members. That means we need to believe in those who might have strayed along the way, or those who have simply had a rough go of it. It also means we get to put more hands to work to create a beautiful environment for everyone!

Since 2009, the Conservancy has assisted at-risk youth and adults in making the transition from unemployment, and/or incarceration, to living in a community.   Participants in the Clean & Green Program are encouraged and supported to seek permanent, full-time employment, while receiving mentoring in positive workplace behaviors and job training in the fields of horticulture and landscaping.  At the same time, Clean & Green participants are helping to beautify Newark’s vacant, debris-strewn lots by converting them into new neighborhood pocket parks, community gardens, and urban farms. Since the Clean & Green program was founded, Greater Newark Conservancy has assisted over 800 individuals.

Investing in our community and including everyone – that’s the pathway to success!