Top Reasons to Join the Youth Farm Stand Membership CSA!

CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is a subscription to sustainable, locally grown produce that is distributed to members throughout the harvesting season. It is a form of upfront investment that allows our urban farmers to continue growing year after year. Our Youth Farm Stand CSA members enjoy the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables for their family, while supporting their local farmer. We call our CSA the Youth Farm Stand Membership because the produce is harvested and packed by youth. Because we grow the majority of our produce on urban farms, we think of it as Newark Supported Agriculture.

Joining the Youth Farm Stand Membership is a win-win situation because you get the freshest possible ingredients from our urban farms and our urban farmers feel secure knowing our demand upfront. It helps us stay focused on growing healthy, organically-managed food for our members. Joining a CSA is a positive action you can take today that has profound impacts on your health, your local economy, and the environment.

Still not sure why you should join? We think you should join to…

  • Get a great deal! You get 12 deliveries of produce for $225 for the season ($200 early bird membership before April 1st). That’s probably less than your cable bill and less than your cell phone bill — for local, organically-managed produce. At a farmers’ market or grocery store, fresh fruits and vegetables could cost more than twice this much!
  • Support Newark-grown produce! Conservancy farms are right here in the neighborhood on Hawthorne Avenue and Court Street. We are able to keep them running because of the membership program.
  • Invest in local job training. Your membership directly supports the Newark Youth Leadership Project (NYLP), a workforce readiness program for Newark high school students. The membership also helps to support other job training opportunities for formerly incarcerated men and women.
  • Learn how to cook healthy foods! With your membership, you will have access to nutrition workshops, recipes, and cooking demos to help you turn your fruits and veggies into delicious meals!
  • Improve your health! All of our produce is grown using organic methods and without pesticides, so it’s really fresh, safe, and very good for you. The Youth Farm Stand membership enriches your life with high quality food as you spend your food dollars in a way that you will feel good about.

If you join before April 1st, you get the early bird rate of $200 for a Personal Share (one bag) and $350 for a Family Share (2 bags). After April 1st, the Personal Share increases to $225 and the Family Share increases to $375. Payments can be made via: our website, credit, check, cash, EBT, WIC/Senior vouchers

Please contact Emma Mujica at with questions! Thank you in advance for supporting local farms and making your commitment to the Youth Farm Stand Membership. Your support keeps our urban farms running and makes a positive impact in the community.

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